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Nancy Drew Ghost Of Thornton Hall Pc Download --> DOWNLOAD

Nancy Drew Ghost Of Thornton Hall Pc Download --> DOWNLOAD

Nancy Drew's Ghost of Thornton Hall: a Spooky Halloween Adventure! Tells the Story of the Accidental Murder of a Girl During a Sleepover at a Haunted Estate. What kind of murder is this? Are you ready for an extremely creepy and suspenseful Nancy Drew game? If you want to know what Nancy Drew would face in this Halloween game, you'll have to read on! The story takes place during a party that was thrown at the estate of an infamous robber baron, who made his fortune through political and/or criminal acts. During the party, the mansion's ghost began to disturb the guests, so they decided to leave. When a girl wearing a rose-colored dress, which should be symbolic of innocence and love, went missing, everyone got scared and decided to leave, leaving the body of the missing girl behind. The night that the girl's body was found, Nancy, her friend Bess, and her mother, who has taken up residence in the study, were busy working on their respective cases. Meanwhile, a mysterious man in a mask and with glowing red eyes enters their home, accosting the girls and stealing a painting that should be stolen from them by an old friend of their mother. Nancy and Bess chase the man, but before they can reach him, he blows up the painting, and the girls find themselves in front of a mysterious bookcase full of books. Nancy and Bess investigate the books and learn that the man is Dr. Flanders, the ghostly author of the bookcase. The ghost of the Thornton Estate turns out to be the ghost of the missing girl, but the woman in a black suit she met at the party is the new owner of the house and has now become suspicious of the girls. Her suspicions come true when she finds the bookcase in the girls' room. Nancy and Bess investigate the mystery of the mansion and its ghost and, at the end of their investigation, the friends learn that Dr. Flanders had his revenge on the girl whose body was found and that the painting was the only thing the ghost was trying to protect. The girls and their mother give their thanks to the ghost, and the girls promise to return in the future to hear what else the ghost might have to tell them. The game is a combination of Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase and The Waking Dream. Features Game features This game features the following game elements and/or


Nancy Drew Ghost Of Thornton Hall Pc Download

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